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    Hi , i need help my son is 2years and still breast, i have tried many things to stop him from aloe, cayanne pepper and even taking him to my mom. But nothing worked.

    please help what can i do.




    Shoo that is a hard one, what my husband did was he would sleep with our daughter but she would cry for the breast; that was an exercise that lasted about a week or so and then it was over but children are not the same.  i think what you ought to try is find something to substitute the breast with and as you are weening him off completely so that it does not become a scary thing.

    Good luck as it is a hard one



    My daughter was 2 years and 5 months old when I decided to stop breastfeeding. I wanted to do something natural and found the best way – lemon juice! Juts cover your nipples in lemon juice (I used the concentrated one) before each feed and he’ll soon stop wanting to drink. Say something like your milk has gone sour and it’s not good for him anymore, it will only last a couple of days, then he’ll be breast-free!

    Good luck!



    My mom tells me I breast fed until I was four years old, and that she couldnt find any way of getting me off the breast. I didn’t like formula or cow’s milk and refused to drink either. An old gogo approached my mum after witnessing a feeding session in the bathroom of a resraurant one day advised her to buy me goats milk and heat it up slightly. It worked, apparently the thickness and taste are almost the same. A few months later I got used to cow’s milk. I am 26 years old and still have a glass of milk everyday, I’m not sure if it is psychological or just a bad habit but its not bad for my health. Keep in mind my mom only yold me this story when I was 21 years old, so I would not have known why or had reason until that age as to why I drink milk everyday. Very strange but true.




    I breastfed my daughter till 2 years and 3 months. Its harder to wean someone at that age because they are much older and consequently have the ability to make you feel ‘guilty’ for taking them off the milk. I took some time preparing my girl and during that preparation period i was mustering courage to not go back on my word. Unfortunately she still likes to play with my boobies even at 4 years old…in this heat. I promise you number 2 will be weaned at 1 (smile, smile).



    First I would like to say good on you, for keeping at it for so long.  I stopped breastfeeding when my son turned one.  We managed easily, by me getting into bed with him and feeding him a bottle, while lying close to him like I would have done if we were breastfeeding.  Maybe it is different with an older child, but I think the thing about breastfeeding is the relationship and closeness that builds.  Maybe have hubby do the feeds, holding baby close, while you are in another room. 

    Good Luck.



    Have you ever used a breast pump? Maybe by pumping into a bottle, then feeding him from the bottle while gradually mixing dairy milk with the breast milk, you can wean him off breastfeeding.

    Once he starts to get the dairy milk, he should start to lose his taste for breast milk. The trick is in pumping, then mixing one with the other in gradually increasing proportions.

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