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    Question from Anonymous via our Facebook page

     I am a 30 years old single mum and single so I have recently met a guy via internet dating and we became so close and he told each other about everything in our lives and this dude confessed he is in prison.

    It has been 9 years now, and we arranged 8 months after chatting to meet. When ever I was chatting to him He has brain and can calm me he is very matured all that a woman wants from a man.

    I went to visit him and we talk. Before he was arrested he had a house now the rental agent is renting it out for him and the agent gives me R1000 monthly to help me and my daughter. My daughter has noticed although she never saw him that there is this call when I receive I blush and get so excited she wants to know.

    How do I tell her I have a bf? Secondly he is in prison when school was closing she said mama I think now that I am going you will go and visit my dad right. Meaning the dude in prison I always change a subject when ever the topic comes.

    I need an advise I am raising a girl child and I have to be very careful. Please don’t judge but please help.



    do you really think there is a future here? this man is in PRISON. if for 9 years, then whatever he did was pretty serious. He wont be able to support you when he comes out, he will probably instead become a burden on you and your daughter.

    He may be able to convince you he has a brain and a house but i suspect he is charming and you naively fall for it. stay away form the dating website, rather find a good man with a solid job in the real world, not someone with questionable character, questionable friends and no employable future



    Have to agree with clx ….. no future in this one. Put it behind you as an experience and move on.



    No girlfriend,  that’s not on!!

    End it before it is to late!



    It’s not every prisoner that is bad, yes they made big mistakes, I am dating a prisoner for 7months now and not regretful for one day, he is getting parole next year and I know he learnt his lesson, and will do the right thing, I met his family already and I know he will provide for me and my children, where there’s a will, there’s a way, he is going to start his own business. So my personal view is that everyone deserves a second chance, and can change for the good.

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