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    Hi parents

    My son turned 3 2 days ago. I want him to stop wearing a nappy at night but he drinks too much juice which makes it impossible to train him. He won’t sleep without his juice.

    What should i try?



    shoo at least you still on juice, my daughter is 2 years 9 months and just wants her milk only, and screams if you try anything else. goodluck



    We put water next to our son’s bed at night and that does the trick – he would rather wait till morning for more juice, but if he does get thirsty there is the water…



    My son still was in night nappies till 3 1/2, what finally worked was we stopped all fluid from 6:30 onwards but he was still allowed a small 150ml milk at bedtime at 8. Then I always thought it was pretty lame the articles on doing this but it really did work, the star chart, for every dry night he gets a star and after 10 stars he gets a prize, lets just say we didn’t even make it to 10 stars before he asked to not wear a nappy at night anymore. Goodluck and don’t stress too much all kids are different.



    HI! to all

    You can all try a tub of your childs favourite yoghurt instead of something to drink! It really work and 2 hours before bedtime nothing to drink! if they want to or you see that they really want something to drink only about to sips will do the trick and make them their favourite pictire on a cardboard and buy some stars and reward them with stars if they can really try to not wear a nappy and not to wet their beds.

    Hope for the best!



    Hey there

    What we did was stop liquids before 6pm and encourage him to pee before he goes to sleep and initially we would wake him once a night its difficult cose you sometimes have to stand there holding him till he goes.

    In the first two days it was hard but he soon adapted and its no longer a hassle as we dont even have to wake him during the night unless his had something after 6 which happens rarely.



    I gave my little one her milk earlier (about an hour before bedtime) and took her to the toilet at least twice before putting her to bed. I then took her again to wee just before I went to bed. Just keep the lights on dim in his bedroom and the bathroom when doing the “late run”. He will quickly learn to “hold it in” ’till morning whe you have to take him again just as he wakes up.

    Stick with the routine and do not change it even for one evening. Consistency is key and mom, dad and grandma has to keep with the same routine for it to work. After you’ve introduced the new routine, do not give him something to drink after the last bottle/cup. A small sip of water will do if they’re really thirsty.  Good luck.

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