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    Parent24 Team

    Asked by Anonymous

    “I have a 17 year old daughter who is completely out of control. She was in gr 10 this year. She has left school and is addicted to drugs.

    She does not sleep at home most nights and I don’t know where to look for her. She is currently seeing an older man who is selling drugs.

    Please give me advice.”



    Hi, I can probably give you some advice based on the following:

    1. My Son was an addict for 12 years (Heroin and Crack Cocaine)

    2. He has been clean for 15 months now.

    3. He almost died from his addiction

    4.The only way to deal with this is via Tough Love. Believe me, I only learnt this after a long, long time

    5. He had been is many expensive rehabs before we managed to find the right place for him, both financially viable and with the right structure.

    6. He had to reach the bottom, in the gutter before he realised what he was doing.

    7. Only when he was arrested for shoplifting (this after earning 40K a month), did we manage to send him to a proper rehab.

    8. We went through many programmes and rehab’s at GREAT expense. Some of them are actually scams.

    9. If you would like me to call you and discuss with you, email me your phone number  to real@telkomsa.net

    I am not a Rehab Centre nor am I related to any Drug rehabilitation program. I am simply a Parent who came very close to losing my Child and I think I have found some of the answers





    Hi Anonymous
    I hope that by this time you have managed to find help. I can do or say little except to assure you of my heartfelt sympathy.
    I have several friends and acquaintances and seen them go through hell. Some survived, others had an unenviable solution to the addiction. I have also walked that road and the good luck with the bad luck was that we found out about it early and therefore contained it early. I know, when you see the addict you do not believe that this is the beautiful child that you brought up so well. But believe me, you need to stay strong because that is the only way you can help that child as well as the other children if there are siblings. There is no recipe for success and there is not always a happy ending. You have brought them up and from hereon they make their own decisions. They just do not realize, or care, what effect it has on those who love them. This is not their intention, it is the drugs.
    I pray for you and your child.



    Hi Anonymous. I am so sorry to read about your plight with your daughter. I hope that your solution reaches you soon. I know about drug addiction, as I was stuck there for about 4 years and it consumed my life. I eventually was able to break free; so know that there is always hope… Don’t lose your’s…

    If you need help, contact me, maybe I can help. I’ve done a lot of research on addiction and recoveries and that was how I was able to break free all on my own.

    Sashi Jaisingh
    Cell: 082 9 228855

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