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    Pregnancy is a tricky time for any woman’s body. Even if you’re have an easy pregnancy, the changes are immense and you’re bound to feel uncomfortable or strange while your body adjusts.

    We get many questions about whether or not certain pains while pregnant are normal. Have you encountered any of these aches? Share with us and give your advice.

    Uncomfortable pain in cervix/vagina

    “I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and I have had 2 C-sections. I have been experiencing pain, like a muscular pain, between my cervix and vagina. I’m also having mild contractions, is this normal so early in my pregnancy? Could it be that my old scar is stretching hence this uncomfortable pain?”

    Numb legs

    “I’m 19 weeks and every night when I try to turn on another side I struggle to lift my legs especially my left leg. It’s like a pain up into my vagina and when I wake up in the morning I struggle to walk. If I’ve been sitting for a while I struggle to walk. Any advice what it could be or is it normal at my stage of pregnancy to feel that way?”


    “I am 27 weeks pregnant and I’m having terrible headaches every day. What could be the cause of this and should I be worried?”

    Remember to always consult your doctor if you’re concerned about any pains while pregnant.

    Share your experiences below!



    I am currently just over 37 weeks , 2 more weeks to go. The pain that you feel when you try to wake up and your legs feel like there is a sharp pain, i had also had that experience when i was around 22 weeks, but my Gynecologist said to me it is the weight of the baby and it affects our balance and we will experience some pains.

    The only time you should worry is if you start getting bad cramping and notice any spotting of blood.

    I am that stage were it is very uncomfortable to sleep through the night, as the baby is sitting very low now.


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