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    Asked by Anonymous

    Our little girl is 3 and a half years old. We currently all share a bathroom at bath time (me and her bath together while dad showers).

    At what point should only us girls share bath time?



    As a father there is no difference to me between a 2 year old and an 8 year old. I could be completely wrong, but I take the stance that girls should not think there is anything wrong with their fathers or mothers nudity. Obviously we explain that ‘privates’ are ‘privates’,  but I think its somewhat wrong to tell a 4 year old they no longer can bathe with their father or mother if they want to.



    I also have a 31/2 year old daughter and she baths with her father on a regular basis.  She has not shown any interest in her father’s private parts (more in mine) and their bath time together is a wonderful bonding opportunity.  (we are divorced and she doesn’t see him every day so their time together is precious).

    I am happy for her to bath with her dad as long as he/she wants.  In my house nudity is normal and nothing be ashamed of.

    I’m sure she will get to a point where she herself becomes aware of the difference and might become shy.

    We’ll follow her lead.



    Your daugther will let you know when she isn’t comfortable with it anymore.  Just like my boy, from a certain age he close the door when he get dressed and I didn’t tell him to do it.



    my stepdaughter mentioned that she went to bed really late last saturday night as her and her mothers boyfriend were in the bath together and lost track of time. She is 9 years old. her mom and boyfriend are engaged.. been together for about a year I think. I have no idea how to respond! my thoughts are ITS wrong! what do i do???



    I would draw the line at a child being in a bathroom/bedroom with a nude step-person or girlfriend/boyfriend. Planned nudity in front of a child until school going age is fine as long as it is mother and father and siblings. Anybody else that comes into the picture should be treated differently. After school going age children should be allowed to bath on their own under supervision of a trusted adult who is fully clothed, does not wash the child but teaches the child to wash themselves and who does not make a fuss about the body. Should the child come into the bathroom or bedroom while the adult is busy dressing it has to be treated as natural and the child should be comfortable and not scolded. This can continue until they are taught to knock and wait to be invited in. Then the child should be taught that it is wrong for ANYBODY to touch them anywhere on their body that would be covered by a swimming costume. This is a way to make the understanding of their privacy easy. Obviously it does not include extraordinary circumstances where the parent needs to inspect them for any medical purpose.



    I feel nudity is normal and nothing to be ashamed of. However when the adult or the child is feeling a little awkward, then maybe its time to change it a little. It really all depends on each person and their comfort level.

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