Is child sex-play normal?

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    Anonymous asks:

    I have twins, boy & girl 5 yrs old. My son took off his clothes & laid down and told his twin sister to lay on top of him. My helper told me.

    I was shocked, is this normal? She said his penis was erect. When I asked him, he seemed shy and did not want to tell me where he had seen that. I asked if he had seen it on TV because he looked afraid to talk. Then he said yes, but I do not have x-rated movies at home and they don’t go to creche, they’re at home with the nanny.

    Please advise if this is normal. What should i do? I told him not to do that again, but I want to get to the bottom of why on earth would he do that.



    This is sooooo NOT normal. It is certain that someone is sexually abusing them!. The reality of “child grooming” by nannies and other people are REAL. install spy cameras in the house if you want “proof” of it. I do know many “harmless” cartoons also have insinuations of sex in it.

    Hope you take this VERY serious and reach the right people in the road forward.




    This behavior is too explicit to ignore. He must have been exposed to it somewhere by someone. Looking at the nanny ids too easy as she is the one who brought this to your attention. The tv has some influence but really not to the point where a 5 year old would be sexually stimulated. When children engage in sex play it is generally only because of curiosity and peeping seems to be the end of it. Please get a professional involved and do it in a way that is not threatening to the child. Possibly have both children attended to.

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